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Renting is the smartest choice when you temporarily need extra IT capacity. Renting is a flexible and low-priced alternative. The longer you rent, the lower the rates during your rental period.

Flexible rental at Flex IT Rent

With us, you can rent flexibly. In terms of both the price and the rental solution. Do you want to continue renting after the rental period? Then you can simply extend your rental period. Do you want to expand your rental solution or change the number of products you are renting? You can do all of this and more! We are happy to help and advise you. You can rent when and for as long as you want! We can make fixed price agreements with you if you want to rent more often, so that you know where you stand as far as the hardware and the price are concerned.

Many companies have gone before you and have discovered how they can save costs by renting with us. For example, they chose to rent equipment for exam periods, training courses, trade fairs, temporary employees, test setups, migration procedures and events.

Why is it better to rent from Flex IT Rent than to buy?

  • Expand your operation whenever you want
  • You are assured of the most modern equipment
  • You pay for temporary use and not ownership
  • The products are fully configured and installed
  • The products are tested before delivery
  • We always have the products in stock
  • You have a wide-ranging choice, including earlier models
  • No depreciation on products
  • No interest charges
  • Service, warranty and insurance
  • Flexibility – you determine what you rent and for how long
  • Before you start, you have a clear overview of your costs and budget
  • You can distribute your payments, no major investments

Option to buy after rental

You may want to keep your rented equipment. That is why we offer you the possibility to purchase the equipment for competitive prices after the rental period. The advantage of renting is that you first get the chance to use the equipment so that you can assess whether you want to keep it or not.

We always want to offer you the best economic solution. You can contact us for advice at any time!

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