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Do you need IT equipment for temporary use but don’t want to purchase it? Yet you want to be assured of fast delivery, smoothly running equipment and a competitive price? Then you’ve come to the right place. We can offer you security and tell you exactly how we operate.

Our working method aims at providing you with quality and good service. We do everything in our power to help you in the best way possible. We can quickly send you a non-binding quote and, if necessary, supply the equipment the same day. And if you need to talk to us, you can contact us directly on our chat line or by phone between 8.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. on working days.

Below, we describe the steps we take after receiving your application. However, we like to adapt every application as much as possible to your requirements. Where necessary, we adapt the process to your wishes or to any specific requirements you might have.

Stap 1 >> Application

You can send us your application through the website or you can e-mail/call us with a request. We analyse your application and contact you to find out exactly what you need. We resolve any unclear points and we examine any extra options with you. We can usually send you a non-binding quote on the same day. When you rent equipment regularly, we like to make fixed price agreements that meet all your requirements. That way, you are always guaranteed the best hardware for the best price.

Step 2 >> Assessment

You assess the quote. If you have any questions, you can contact us straight away.

Step 3 >> Confirmation

You give your approval when you are satisfied with the quote we sent you. We then send you an order confirmation.

Step 4 >> Delivery

We deliver your order one working day earlier so that you have time to prepare. We charge no extra costs for this. We can deliver equipment to any location, including internationally. We deliver the equipment at the agreed time and install it, where relevant. In the unlikely event of a malfunction or problems, you can contact us immediately. We give you guaranteed support. After delivery, we send you the invoice by post or by e-mail.

Step 5 >> Phoning for collection/extension

We phone you one working day before the end of the rental period. We ask you whether you wish to extend your rental period or want to have the equipment collected. We make an agreement about when we can come and collect the equipment. A third option is that you may want to keep our equipment. In that case, you can purchase the rented equipment for a competitive price.

Step 6 >> Checking the rented goods

After receipt of the goods, we check them in our warehouse and you receive feedback about whether they have been returned in full and in good condition.

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