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Please read our frequently asked questions. You may find the answer to your question here. If your answer is not here, you can always contact us.

How do I know that I can get the best price at Flex IT Rent?
Flex IT Rent regularly conducts surveys of the market and gives you a lowest price guarantee.

I can’t find the equipment I’m looking for on the website.
Our website displays the basic range in our rental stock. We can probably still help you find what you are looking for, so please contact us without delay.

May I extend the rental period?
We will contact you one working day before the end of the rental period to ask you whether you want us to collect the equipment or whether you want to extend the rental period. You are free to extend the rental period for as long as you wish.

Can I also purchase the equipment after the rental period?
Yes, you can purchase the equipment from us after the rental period. Let us know if this is what you want and we will send you a competitive quote.

May I install my own software on the equipment?
You are free to install whichever software you want. However, we cannot provide support for that software.

Must I delete our data and user traces myself? 
Flex IT Rent automatically cleans all the equipment after it has been returned by our customers. If you want extra security, you can apply for our Blancco certificate for the certified cleaning of your data.

Can you install equipment for us on location?
Yes, of course! Do you not have the time or the knowhow to install the equipment? Then let us do it for you.

Can I rent equipment as a private individual?
We only rent out equipment to companies and institutions.

What happens if the rental equipment has a defect or malfunction?
If this happens, please contact us straight away. Our equipment is usually very reliable, so this fortunately happens very rarely. If we cannot solve the problem by phone, we will send an engineer to you on location or we will exchange the equipment free of charge.

Can I add extra features to the equipment, such as extra memory or a video card?
Yes, you may expand the equipment with extra memory or a video card.

What is the delivery time?
If you order today, your equipment will be delivered tomorrow. Do you want it delivered earlier? That is absolutely no problem. We can also deliver it to you the same day or you can pick it up the same day from our location in Leiden.

Can I also pick up the equipment myself?
Yes, you can; at our address at Zaalbergweg 9, 2314 XS in Leiden you can pick up the equipment on proof of identity. Then you don’t need to pay any transport costs.

Can you also deliver equipment abroad?
Does one of your foreign branches also temporarily need IT equipment? They too can benefit from our competitive rental rates, and our excellent international agreements with transport companies mean that our transport rates abroad are almost the same as those in the Netherlands.

The delivery address is different to the collection address – is that a problem?
That is absolutely no problem for us because 9 out of 10 of our consignments are delivered by DHL. Do you have any specific wishes with regard to delivery and/or collection? Then let us know, because Flex IT Rent also has its own buses and drivers that can deliver equipment all over the Netherlands.

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