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It is smarter to rent equipment! If you temporarily need extra IT hardware, renting is cheaper than purchasing. But renting at Flex IT Rent is even smarter. And easier!

When you want to temporarily expand your operation, you look for speed, low prices and good quality. When you rent from us, we guarantee service, support and the lowest prices! Flex IT Rent’s flexibility and ease of use also make us the ideal partner for many companies. Thanks to our specialist knowledge and the security of our guarantee, we have been a trusted partner for our customers for many years.

When you want to rent equipment regularly, we make fixed price agreements with you so that we know your requirements and you know where you stand. That way, you are always guaranteed the best hardware for the best price, geared exactly to your needs!

Why you should rent at Flex IT Rent:

  • The lowest price guarantee:
    We guarantee you the lowest price, however much you rent. We pass on our benefits of our purchasing power to you.
  • Fast service
    If you wish, we can send you a customised non-binding quote today. We also like to work quickly and directly.
  • Deciding your rental period yourself
    You yourself can decide for how long you want to rent equipment. Do you want to extend your rental period? That’s not a problem! We like to make fixed low-priced price agreements when you rent equipment regularly so that you are always guaranteed the hardware that you want.
  • Flexible service
    We deliver the equipment one day early and collect it one day after the event, allowing you all the time you need to prepare and dismantle your site. We charge no extra costs for this. We install and dismantle the equipment on location and guarantee you the support you need.
  • Security
    We configure and test your equipment beforehand. If you wish, we can install software and apps so that the equipment is delivered complete. And so that you are sure that the hardware is working properly!
  • Delivered to you tomorrow, wherever you are
    We guarantee next-day delivery at any location in the Benelux. Except when it involves large amounts or if you have specific wishes or requirements.
  • Rent small or large amounts
    We have the largest stock in the Benelux. We can deliver directly from our own stock, which means we are very fast. Whether you want to rent one or two hundred products.
  • Cheaper when you rent regularly
    When you rent equipment regularly, we can sign a price agreement with you so that you are assured of a fixed low price and the hardware you want. We can include all your requirements in the agreement and it also means that you pay less.

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